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live555-tools - RTSP streaming tools using streaming libraries

License: LGPLv2+
Vendor: RPM Fusion
This code forms a set of C++ libraries for multimedia streaming,
using open standard protocols (RTP/RTCP, RTSP, SIP). These
libraries - which can be compiled for Unix (including Linux and Mac OS X),
Windows, and QNX (and other POSIX-compliant systems) - can be used
to build streaming applications.
The libraries can also be used to stream, receive, and process MPEG,
H.263+ or JPEG video, and several audio codecs. They can easily be
extended to support additional (audio and/or video) codecs, and can
also be used to build basic RTSP or SIP clients and servers, and have
been used to add streaming support to existing media player applications.

This package contains the streaming server
(live555MediaServer), the example programs (openRTSP, playSIP, sapWatch,
vobStreamer) and a variety of test tools.


live555-tools-2022.02.07-1.el7.x86_64 [132 KiB] Changelog by Nicolas Chauvet (2022-02-22):
- Update to 2022.02.07

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